Quick setup for Mobile Development on ASP.net MVC 4

This is a quick tip to enable you to set up your ASP.net MVC 4 project for mobile development really quickly.  If you’re read Delivering Mobile-Friendly WebSites with MVC4: A Developers Guide then you’ll appreciate this tip, as it actually a NUGET package created by the author to actually implement everything that he outlines in his book!   I have used this on several projects so far and love it!

This package will update your MVC4 project, installing jQuery.mobile for you and adding in adaptive view features for mobile devices, returning unique views to desktops, tablets, and phones. It will create a DisplayModeProviders class and the ViewSwitcher code for you and includes the necessary MVC4 Shared Layout files for those mobile pages. With a couple of quick edits, you’ll have adaptive mobile views running in your MVC4 site in minutes.

The Link to the Nuget Package is : http://nuget.org/packages/LCI.jQueryMobile.MVC4/

You can obviously install it using the command-line package manager

Or just right click your solution in and select “Manage Nuget Packages for the Solution …” and search for LCI.jQueryMobile.MVC4

After you have installed the package a text file will be visible in your editor with some additional steps to carry out.

This is all you’ll need to up and running in seconds!


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