Add custom fields to MVC4 simple membership

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10 thoughts on “Add custom fields to MVC4 simple membership

      1. because sometime your application is just a management of users (membership) for which you just have to add some tables. Everything is then in the database membership.
        I’ve experienced it was difficult (impossible ?) to access these added tables by entity-framework access with a different connectionstring of the connectionstring of the simplemembership;
        Then that simplemembershipprovider can’t help if you want to access added tables to membership database

        1. I can say that I have not experienced that problem. I have created a database schema and used the SimpleMembership provider to access only the required membership tables, but have still used the same connection string to access other tables in the Schema for the information and functionality.

          Granted I couldn’t say access the “Company” table by using the SimpleMembership provider, but that is OK, because the SimpleMembership provider is not used to access that, it is purely used for Access and Simple Account Management. It’s up to you to implement the more complex functionality by using your own implementation.

          1. I ‘ll add, sometime users data and applications data are too intricated to be in 2 differents db.
            You perhaps know aspnet_regsql (tool to create a membership database), it ask you if you want a separate db or a common db for your membership and your application.

  1. Hey thank you so much for this awesome post, I’m just starting to grasp MVC 4 and simple membership and I was asking myself how can I add more fields to the default Register Model, so now that I found your post, you explain it in 5 easy steps, thanks a lot, I’ll make sure to fallow your future posts.

  2. Thanks so much! Your steps made it easy and clear for me to add additional user information on registration! Much appreciated!

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