Reading a file stream from resource file in C#

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2 thoughts on “Reading a file stream from resource file in C#

  1. FYI after you read the manual you quoted ‘ Resources.Properties.FileName’ but then in the unit test you quoted ‘Properties.Resources.test’.

    1. Thanks for the taking the time to comment.

      I thought it would be clear enough, where I took time to add the lines:

      “Where FileName is the name of my file in the Resource. Simple! Easy! any
      idiot could do it! Well apparently not this idiot, without spending 45
      Minutes of his life in a state of mental agony!”

      test is the name of the file that I added to Resources, I assumed this would be apparent, with the screen shot I added of the file in resources?

      I referenced the file correctly in my test , i.e. Properties.Resources.test

      test is the name of the file in resources. Apologies if this was clear enough

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